Q. Who is this service for?

A. This service was designed to help MTTB’s step up to MLR level by raising enough funds with us and then purchase MLR via their original sponsor. You can earn up to $1000 when selling an MLR. The commissions are defined by your sponsor in FundMobe.

Q. Do I have to be a My Top Tier Business Member to make use of this service?

A. No. But there are many benfits to joining MTTB so we encourage you to buy the 49$ package and start climbing up the MOBE ladder here. You will then be assigned a personal coach which will guide you through a 21 Step Program and a 31 Day Traffic Program. You can use FundMobe to help you fund your way up to becoming a Mobe Licence Rights (MLR) member.

Q. I am an MLR/Titanium/Platinum Member and one of my MTTB’s cannot raise funds for MLR? What Can I Do?

You can subscribe to the FundMobe Partner program and you can share your profits with your team members. They will be using your MOBE Links and once they save enough money to buy MLR, you will get your 1K commissions. For more details please check http://fundmobe.com/partner-program/

Q. Why are the FundMobe Links different than my Mobe Links?

FundMobe will provide you with personalised links which are built on your sponsors MOBE links. The personalised links will provide you real-time information regarding Raw Clicks and Commissions earned. Commissions may vary depending on your sponsor.

Q. How will I get Paid?

A. Payments are made using e-wallet. Your sponsor may provide alternate payment methods.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my funds?

A. The first payment will take about 40/45 days to be processed to cover any possible refunds but your sponsor may choose to pay you before this period. FundMobe does not facilitate any payments.

 Q. How do I find who my sponsor is?

Your sponsor name and email address can be found at http://fundmobe.com/account

  Q. What’s the Partner Program?

The partner program is a service that allows you to become a FundMobe sponsor. For more detail please check http://fundmobe.com/partner-program/